Because of certain variables, Mike and Dave altered the original design to adapt a boat to the Naples area. The Gondolas were scaled down to 25 ft. and were built symmetrical to enhance the ability to row with two oars instead of only one. The reasons for the alterations in design are as followed. All boatmen in the Venezia are professionals and licensed always knowing what the other guy is going to do at any given time. Well almost all the time. The canals are used for transportation not recreation. A Gondolier through years of training is able to handle the boat with ease even though he is only operating with one oar in the water. Here the bays and canals are used mostly for recreating meaning there are many beginner sailors and powerboats alike. This is where the two oars give us that added insurance of being able to the boat very quickly to avoid any possible danger and for the boats to be navigated through the Naples canals safely and with the greatest of ease with a standard two-week training course.

The interesting thing about the style used here in Naples is its total uniqueness just as the Venetian style is totally unique also. The Gondola Getaway's 'Nepoliton Step' was created out of the necessity to use very long oars through sometimes-heavy winds where by walking up and down the aft deck the gondolier is able to use his or her entire body to push the Gondola.

The Gondolas at the Gondola Getaway are built of oak frames, mahogany plywood, with five ounce fiberglass overlay. They are twenty-five foot long and four feet wide and totally symmetrical. They are black because of the Venetian tradition. We have four of the twenty-five feet Gondolas built in Seal Beach. The sandolo was built in Venezia in 1987 and is twenty-five feet long and five feet wide. It is built of oak, mahogany, and pine, with walnut focolas and spruce oars. In Venezia, the Sandolos are used in a similar fashion as the Gondolas; they only carry passengers for hire. It is thirteen fee small than a Gondola make it much more maneuverable and easier to learn how to row. The rest of the fleet will be explained later.

Upon completion of the four Gondolas and an increase in business Mike and Dave went back to Venezia to learn even more about the tradition of Gondolas. During their stay in Venezia and while watching a very important race called the Regata Storica, Mike and Dave were invited to return in May to participate in another race called the Vogalong, meaning long row. They brought back from Venezia another boat design called a Caorlina. This type of boat was originally used to transport goods from a seaport city called Caroli to the outer Island of Venezia. Now the Caorlinas are mostly used as a six-man race boat.

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