In December of 1984, The Gondola Getaway traveled to Venice, Italy, to race in the Voga Longa (long row). Since that year we have gone to Venice every May for this great race. We have the unique experience of building gondolas in the United States as well as importing them from Italy.

Mike O'Toole and David Black, owners of the Gondola Getaway, have provided consulting services for all aspects of waterfront recreation and businesses since 1982. As the first to fill this unique business niche, gondola cruises in California, Mike and David have consulted with large studios and private individuals. In addition to our service located at 5437 Ocean Blvd, Long Beach CA. 90803 we are available for commercials, television shows, movies or private videos for weddings, birthdays and anniversaires. With over 42 years of combined experience, Mike and David will make your gondola needs or waterfront business venture a success.

We were asked to build a gondola business from scratch, for the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch, Arizona. So we went to Italy and contracted to have the boats built and shipped to the United States. We dressed, trained how to row, and educated their employees about the rich history of Venice and gondolas.

Start a Business, Movies, Commercials, Props. You name it and we can help you make it happen.



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