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Established in 1982 in Naples Islands, Long Beach, The Gondola Getaway is the oldest and largest fleet of Gondolas in America.  One of the things that make the Gondola Getaway so special is the enchanting canals of Naples Islands and its well trained Gondoliers.  The meandering canals, five bridges, calm bay's and million dollar homes make for a memorable romantic adventure. Read more...

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John Trumpler

John Trumpler

5 Stars

So much fun and completely unexpected!
Charming, peaceful, amusing, and worth every minute. Guys, if you're looking to score major points with your bae, you gotta put this on your list. Groups, this is also a must for you. So easy to book a tour.

Brent Dunkan

Brent Dunkan

5 Stars

We went on a one hour gondola ride with Fabio. It was a wonderful experience. Fabio did a great job. Customer service was beyond exceptional. We highly recommend this company for a gondola experience. It far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to returning.

Raquel Hunter

Raquel Hunter

5 Stars

I remember the first time I went here....summer of 1995. I enjoyed it immensely and have gone back many times.
Tip: During the winter months, it much more cold than you might expect. Bring a blanket just in case. Also, bring your own picnic/dinner/lunch, sit back, and really enjoy it.


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Standard 3 espresso start this morning in the house.  Raided the Fridge and a made a frittata from the scraps from last night’s dinner.  Sausage, pasta, tomato, gorgonzola and mozzarella. Got the crew together to Read more…

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