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Special Events and Packages


Gondola Prop – Off Site Rentals

Ultimate Engagement Package

Gondola Getaway Weddings

TV, Filming and Gondola Rentals

Our Gondolas have been used many times over our 36-years in TV and Motion Picture shoots, both at our location in Long Beach as well as off-site rentals.

From movies to commercials to ‘reality’ shows, a Gondola – just by sight – immediately conjures romantic thoughts and emotions by the viewers.

We also rent our Gondola for charity events and theme-parties, mainly for picture-opportunities and setting the mood.

Pricing (daily rental)
– $1,100.00 plus $250.00 delivery/pickup

Gondola Prop – Off Site Rentals

We’re happy to provide our cute & fun Prop Gondola for your special occasions!

Perfect for Italian/Venetian themed charity events and parties, you can use it for picture opportunities or a simple decoration…and it can float in your pool or pond for added visuals.

Rented through our 501 C-3 foundation, you can even write off a portion of the price, if possible.

Pricing: $350/day plus $299/delivery/pickup fee.

Add-ons available:
1. fully costumed prop “Gondolier” for $75

2. Live professional singing Gondolier for 3 hours $300

Ultimate Engagement Package


The Gondola Getaway has been in the romance business now for 37+ years. It is our specialty! One of the most romantic days in a couples’ life is the “Engagement!” Our engagement package will create the ultimate unique and romantic moment possible. It’s actually a whole hour of romance. Imagine calling home to Mom and Dad and Saying…”I just got engaged! ….In a Gondola!….Underneath a Bridge! where I found a floating message in a bottle! written to me!… The message proposed the idea of marriage, to my partner sitting right next to me (did I already mention) on a GONDOLA!


Gondola Getaway Weddings


A most gorgeous & picturesque scene for the quaint wedding you’ve always imagined!

Your Gondola(s) gliding serenely across Alamitos Bay and through the enchanting Naples Island Canals, stopping at the Naples Colonnade for the “I Do’s” and then toasting under bridges as corks are popped in celebration…

We can do simple elopements for two & larger ceremonies for up to 70-guests with our fleet of Gondolas. With the backdrop of the water and homes and gardens, not much prep needed for the “Gondola Alter.”

Pricing (hourly rate) Tax & Gratuity included
Traditional Gondola (seats up to 6) – For two (bride & groom) = $160.00 – each additional guest = $50.00

Carolina Gondola (seats up to 14) – Up to 10-guests = $500.00 – each additional guest = $50.00

Fleet Pricing (multiple Gondolas) – Up to 70-guests = $45/guest

Gondola Prep/decorate (hourly rate) – $250.00 – Prepping time allowed is 30 mins before the cruise and 30 mins after the cruise to fully remove decorations


Private Photoshoots

Capture special moments and events with a beautiful Photoshoot on our Gondolas in the enchanting Naples Island Canals. Your Gondolier will glide you over our waterways while you primp and pose in the hidden-gem of Southern California.

Pricing (hourly rate) for traditional Gondola
– Up to 2-guests = $150.00
– Each additional guest = $35.00
– Chase/Camera Boat = $125/hr
* Includes tax & gratuity for Gondolier

Fundraising Opportunities

We thank you so much for thinking of us with regards to helping you raise funds for your program. We have found some fun ways to help you raise money and it has proven quite successful for the groups that have used our packages as raffle or auction items.

Opportunity # 1

An enchanting cruise for six through the alluring canals of Naples Island in Long Beach. We can offer a six person Gondola Cruise for the price of just one couple at $120.00. This cruise has a value of $240.00. If you can find a nice bottle of wine and an appetizer basket as a donation you should be able to offer this package at a minimum bid of $240.00. At the very least you could obtain a profit of $120.00 and probably a bit more.

Opportunity #2

Enjoy your own private floating pizzeria for one hour through the canals of Naples Island. Your guests will enjoy our large Gondola set with a table, plate ware, silver ware, cups and cloth napkins. They will be served the locally world famous Domenico’s salad, Pizza and Garlic bread.

They will enjoy this one of kind floating dinner for an hour through Alamitos Bay and Naples Islands.
This is truly the ‘only place in the World’ that offers this experience. This would be a great auction item to add some donated wine to!!!

This party of 10 normally goes out for $520. We will sell it to you at $354 (which includes 18% gratuity for the gondoliers). The usual successful minimum bid that organizations seem to use is about $400.
The average winning bid seems to be about $650-$750 depending on any wine donations to package with it.

This is great because 5 couples can get in on the bidding and it is always worth stressing that this is the only place in the world to do such a thing. Profit margins on this item seem to range from $300-$400.

For both donation options we can arrange for payment after the event…just in case – for some reason – it does not sell, or if you want to sell multiple cruises without the upfront cost. Many organizations sell multiple cruises to generate the maximum dollars. Just this year an organization sold 10 pizza cruises and 8 six-person cruises…generating over $6,000 dollars in profit.

Please let us know if any of this works for you and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way!!